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13 Ways to Improve Your Board Reports (
Discussion of the problems typical with many Board Reports and suggestions of ways that Excel users can fix many of those problems.

Mike's comments about indirect costs. (

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Mike's comments on ROI (

Mike's Ask Mike questions are featured each quarter in Entreprenews, published by The Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network

His “How can you make the annual financial plan even better" is suggested reading for Tuck's Introduction to entrepreneurship.

Mike's tools are featured by Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network

His financial reporting templates are featured in David Gumpert's book Burn Your Business Plan: What Investors Really Want from Entrepreneurs

DartmouthBiz - August 22, 2006 - Ask Mike (Gonnerman '65)!

Back in 2002, Gregg Fairbrothers '76 and I sat around a table in the offices of the Dartmouth Entrepreneuerial Network, trying to think about an activity or event that could alert Dartmouth alumni, as well as faculty and staff, about the new initiative we were launching about entrepreneurship. Someone suggested we have a conference, but there was no consensus on how or if to proceed.

Mike Gonnerman '65 happened to visit us as we were talking about what we might do. We hadn't resolved the issue when it become time for Mike to leave. After a few minutes, he returned, put a check for $1,000 on the table, said, "just do it," and walked out of the room for good.

Five years later, we're getting ready to launch another edition of Greener Ventures, our annual conference on entrepreneurship. The conferences have been a huge hit, attracting more than 2,500 Dartmouth alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends for a one-day conference on entrepreneurship.

If it wasn't for Mike, it might never have happened. Now Mike's published his first book and it's time to return the favor. Ask Mike is a collection of questions and answers published in his newsletter, some of which we've excerpted in the quarterly newsletter of the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network. You can buy the book here. It's practical, straight-forward, and just the sort of the advice that an entrepreneur needs along the journey. And if you want to see Mike in person, join us for Greener Ventures in Hanover, NH on October 21, 2006. Mike will be one of our presenters, and we're delighted he can join us. Thanks, Mike!